The Stone Creek Hound and Hunting Supply Family
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Stone Creek Hunting Supplies
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The Stone Creek Hound and Hunting Supply Family

Family Owned and Operated

Stone Creek Hounds is a family ran business and has been around for more than 15 years in the hunting dog industry . We carry just about anything you need for your hunting dog supplies or pet supplies.

Stone Creek manufactures all our collars, leashes, and a wide range of Stone Creek clothing ourselves and take pride in the quality that we put into each and every product.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our site. We look forward to serving all your hunting and pet supply needs.

  • Awesome Family!!!! A++++++++

    Sam Heiney III
  • I bought a Stone Creek coat at the Grand American. This is the same Wick that I wore for years and loved. It's just like my old Wick coats too, down to the patches on the pockets with a different name. The lady that sold me the coat was really nice and helpful good people and she was wearing  a Wick coa, you can tell it's the same material too. I WILL BE BUYING MORE!!!

    Andy Jones
  • Really like the Alpha Burly Lite boots with chaps I bought from the Spicklers at Autumn Oaks. They went out of the way to make sure I was happy with them. Nice folks too!

    Stephen Fielder
  • Awesome people! I go out of my way to buy from them .

    Scott Houston
  • Best hunting gear on the market.

    Tracy Rash
  • Great people, extraordinary service! Always nice to see a family business!

    Cole Vanover
  • Very nice people.

    Dana Baker
  • Great People!

    Eric Hardy
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