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How do we size our collars?

Stone Creek collars are measured for the end of the buckle to the farthest hole. The farthest hole would be the biggest the collar would go. We have 5 holes each collar 1 inch apart for adjusting size so a 19 inch collar will fit a dog with a 15-19 inch neck.  So if your dog’s neck measures 19 inch you would want a 21 inch collar. That would put you in the middle hole in the collar.

What information should I put on my dog’s name plate?

You can put anything you like on plate as long as it fits. But the most important thing to put on plate is your phone number and if you have cell phone I would put that number on the plate also. I personally put my name and 2 phone numbers on my dog’s name plate.

Do you ship to customers outside of the United States?

Yes, we do ship overseas, however we do not process international orders via our website.  Please call 814-627-2316 to place your order.

What is the overall Length of our leads?

Most all of our leads are 5 foot long. Although we can make any custom size you would like.

How does the Muck boots fit compared to the Lacrosse boots ?

The muck boot has a looser fitting ankle whereas the lacrosse has a tight fitting ankle. Both boots are extremely comfortable. The lacrosse has a slightly more aggressive tread to them.

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