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Briar Proof Clothing: The Top 7 Closet Must-Haves

briar proof gear: The Hunter's Choice Combo

Briar proof clothing has long been popular with Hunters and Outdoorsmen alike. As the craftsmanship has advanced, these products have become the choice protective wear for many outdoor activities.

Farmers, field-workers, land surveyors, and landscapers have upgraded their gear and saved their skin and clothes while improving their efficiency in the field. If you're looking for the highest quality briar-proof options on the market, your search ends here.

New to briar proof clothing? Check out our article breaking down What Makes Stone Creek's Clothing So Durable.

With so many great choices, we've made it easy for you to find which briar proof clothing is right for you by breaking down the Top 7 Closet Must-Haves.

1. Hunters Choice Chaps

hunting chaps and briar proof hunting chaps

When you need full leg protection, you can't go wrong with our briar proof chaps. This product has held the #1 Bestseller position since its launch. These hunting chaps combine the trademark features of our briar proof selection with leg zippers for versatility. Unzip these for breathability on a hot day.

Don't let the name fool you, these aren't just for Hunters. We often deliver this quality product to landscapers and all other outdoorsmen and field workers across the country. For protection from your waist to boots, go with the Briar-Proof Chaps.

2. Pro Series Coat Vest

Brown and orange hunters jacket front or rear loading zipper down game bag.  Cargo pockets, hand warmer pockets, shell holder

When you're ready to get serious, the Pro Series Coat Vest is the way to take your Hunting Gear to the top level. As the name suggests, this coat was created with the pros in mind. Repel water, briars, and weather in the comfort of your coat with plenty of orange to keep you visible.

The coat is also lined with an ultra-comfortable flannel liner. Handwarmer pockets are located right behind the cargo pockets and there is a dee ring by each cargo pocket that you can attach a lanyard to. These also have a pocket on both sides inside the coat to store your cell phone or tracking device.

Nylon shell holders are included as an upgrade from the standard elastic holders. The game bag is front and rear loading with plenty of storage room and a zipper on the top for easy cleaning. These also come equipped with a corduroy collar to keep your neck warm with snaps to allow you to attach a Stone Creek Hood.

3. Kids Chaps

Kid's hunting gear

Keep your little ones safe too with our Kid's Chaps. All the benefits of the Hunter's Choice Chaps for the young hunter. One of our highly-demanded additions to the briar proof Collection, these will keep your kids safe, dry, and unscathed as they follow you--or in some cases lead the hunt!

The chaps also have an adjustable, quick-clip nylon strap. This will help them stay a good fit longer as the child grows. Make sure your little hunters have a good experience and want to keep coming along by keeping their legs safe.

4. Dryshod Haymaker Frogleg Waders

Frogleg Waders

The Dryshod Haymaker Frogleg Waders are great for many occasions. Marsh Hunters, Fishermen, and Trappers often opt for this product. They can be worn down, snapped onto the boot, or pulled up when going in deeper water. Dryshod footwear is made with high-density dry-suit grade Densoprene foam. This makes the waders waterproof and helps keep them warm.

The boot has medium grip traction tread providing good traction without holding mud in the tread The chaps on these boots are Stone Creek chaps made with the same quality and durability as our previously mentioned briar proof products.

5. Snake Chaps For Full-Length Protection

Snake chaps, rattlesnake chaps, and snake proof chaps provide full protection from snakes

If you live in snake country or you're just looking for something with that extra durability, look no further than our Snake Chaps. Made of extremely high-density denier nylon, our snake chaps are 4 ply from top to bottom for extra protection.

These come equipped with an adjustable strap and quick clips that go around your belt or your belt loops to attach the chaps. You can also add Chap Suspenders if you prefer not to attach your chaps to your belt.

6. Briar Proof Jacket With Hood

Brown nylon brair proof coat with hold has numerous pockets.

Want to be ready for any situation, but don't want a full closet of different jackets? Get the Briar Proof Jacket with Hood for hunting, working, fishing, or going to town. Get the same durability as all of our other briar proof products with the everyday appeal of this classic look. It comes complete with a flannel liner, two large cargo pockets with velcro flaps, flannel-lined hand warmer pockets, and two inside pockets.

7. Extreme Outdoor Pack

Extreme Outdoor Combo Pack Bib and Jacket

If you love briar proof as much as we do, get yourself head-to-toe protection with our Extreme Outdoor Combo Pack. This set comes complete with a briar proof hooded jacket and Tuff n Dry Bibs. Whether hunting or working in harsh conditions, you'll thank yourself for investing in a complete set to stay warm and protected from mother nature.

Honorable Mentions: Pair your Briar Proof Gear with These Popular Items

1. Stone Creek T-Shirt

Back of white tee shirt with green logo on it

This is one of those items you need to check off your list – you can wear it at home or in the field. We are often told we are a brand that represents the true outdoorsman in many categories. Brands like ours on your chest show you support American-made products and love hunting.

2. Stone Creek Hat

Stone Creek Hat

Add some extra orange to your outfit with the Stone Creek Hat. Continue to support your favorite brand with this everyday accessory. We also have many other options for hats and clothing. Sort your new gear in style and pick up some apparel today!

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