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Briar Proof Clothing: The Top 7 Closet Must-Haves

briar proof gear: The Hunter's Choice Combo

Briar proof clothing has long been popular with Hunters and Outdoorsmen alike. As the craftsmanship has advanced, these products have become the choice protective wear for many outdoor activities.

Farmers, field-workers, land surveyors, and landscapers have upgraded their gear and saved their skin and clothes while improving their efficiency in the field. If you're looking for the highest quality briar-proof options on the market, your search ends here.

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With so many great choices, we've made it easy for you to find which briar proof clothing is right for you by breaking down the Top 7 Closet Must-Haves.

1. Hunters Choice Chaps

hunting chaps and briar proof hunting chaps

When you need full leg protection, you can't go wrong with our briar proof chaps. This product has held the #1 Bestseller position since its launch. These hunting chaps combine the trademark features of our briar proof selection with leg zippers for versatility. Unzip these for breathability on a hot day.