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The benefits of have dog box pads.

Benefits of having dog box pads

  • Easy clean up when dogs get car sick

  • Extremely comfortable for your dog

  • Keeps dogs joints and bones from getting stiff on long rides

  • Improves the dog’s performance

  • No more straw or cedar chips everywhere

Brown 1000 denier nylon dog pabs with high density foam

When traveling with dogs, especially with young dogs, they have a tendency to get car sick or go to the bathroom in the box. When using dog box pads cleaning up messes is a breeze. All you need to do is pull the pad out of the box and either hose it off or wipe off the mess in the grass. There is a layer of plastic wrapped around the foam inside insuring you the foam will not absorb liquids. Also, there is a solid brass zipper on the end of pad you can take foam out of the pad and wash the outer layer. The outer layer is a 1000 denier codura it is extremely durable, dogs can not scratch or tear the material.

The foam used in the pads is 2 inches thick and is a high-density foam, which is long-lasting. We use high-density foam for a couple of reasons. The foam will not break down and become flat as standard foam does. Also, the high density gives your dog a more comfortable ride, just imagine riding in your car for hours and all you have to sit on is a hard bucket compared to your normal cushioned and adjustable chair. That is the difference in using dog box pads compared to the other forms of bedding.

When not using dog box pads your dog has a rough, bouncy ride. Every pothole or bump you hit your dog feels it which makes your dog joints and bone stiff and sore. When riding on dog box pads the pads absorb all those bumps and gives your dog a more comfortable ride and prevents your dog from being stiff and sore when they arrive. This is extremely important for those dogs that compete in competitions. This way your dog arrives ready to compete.

Another huge benefit when using dog box pads is there is not all that dust blowing around. When using straw or chips there is a lot of dust that gets swirled around in the box from the wind when driving down the road. Some dogs have allergies to those dust particles, even those dogs that are not allergic to the dust it will still prevent him from being able to smell to is full capability.

When using straw, cedar chips, or any other similar bedding every time your dog comes out of the box it drags out some of its bedding with it, it just becomes a mess and a nuisance. When using pads no more straw being all over the place.

Testimonial: I use dog box pads in my box I have coon hounds and beagles. This particular day I was returning home from Michigan from a coon hound competition. I wrecked and totaled my ford F-250, the dog box was thrown out of the truck’s bed, flew about 15 feet, and slammed down onto the road. When I got the dogs out they showed no signs of any injuries.  They didn’t even become stiff or sore at all.  That proved to me that dog box pads are a must in all dog boxes.

Pads are custom made for the size you need, feel free to call with any questions 814-627-2316


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