Dog Box Pads

Exteremly durable and comfortable.

Product Description

Dog box pads have lots of benefits to them. The pads are made out of a high denisty foam which gives your dog a way more comfortable ride and is easy on joints. Pads are great for having them in your house for dog to lay on. Your dog will not be stiff and sore when he arrives to hunt or perform in a field trail.The outter layers is 1000 denier cordura which is exteremly durable, the foam inside is wrapped in plastic so it is waterproof. You can rinse of the pads is your dog has an accident while in the box. There is a solid brass zipper on one end of pad so you can remove foam and wash outter layer. The pads are alot cleaner compared to using straw or cedar chips. Everytime the dogs get out of boxs it always drags out some straw or chips with it.
Sizes: We custom make the pads so we will make whatever size you need. Just measure your both sides of your box, just make sure its a snug fit. Call us with measurments and order. Prices vary depending on size.  Additional shipping charges may apply depending on size of box and location.


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