Top 5 Dog Collars

  1. All Weather Dayglo Reflective Dog Collar
  2. All Weather Dayglo Camo Dog Collar
  3.  Beta Dog Collar
  4. 2 Ply Nylon Reflective Dog Collar
  5. Genuine Leather Collar with Brass Spots

These collars plus more can be found at

All of these collars are manufactured by Stone Creek Hounds and Hunting Supplies in Pennsylvania. Stone Creek is a family owned and operated business. Stone Creek is known for their outmost quality. The buckles and rings are a heavy duty nickel plated. The leather collars are made with brass bucklse and rings. Stone Creek use a 2 piece rivet and cap, unlike others that use 1 piece mushroom rivet which has sharp edges that rubs on your dogs neck plus wears through the material eventually. All of Stone Creeks collars comes with a FREE name tag. Name tag is a must on your dogs collar, if your dog ever becomes lost you can have your contact info on the tag.


All Weather Dayglo Reflective Dog Collar

This dog collar is made out of Bio Thane dayglo. Bio Thane is the best quality dayglo on the market. Dayglo is a flexible plastic coated nylon, dayglo is waterproof which will not absorb smells and is easy to clean. The reflective strip that runs down the middle of the dayglo is embedded into the dayglo, its not a sticker it will not peel off. Stone Creek seals all their dayglo collars holes and the tip of the collar which prevents from water in between the two layers of material and separating them. This Dog collar is 1 inch wide although other widths are available on the website. There is a wide selection of colors and sizes too.

All Weather Dayglo Camo Dog Collar

This dog collar is made out of dayglo which has an awesome camo pattern on it. The camo comes in an orange, green, blue, and pink.

Beta Dog Collar

This collar is made out of beta. Beta is a rubbery coated nylon it looks and feels like real leather, it is soft and comfortable. There is a wide selection of colors and sizes on the website.

2 Ply Reflective Nylon Dog Collar

This collar is made out of a 2 ply nylon which has an extreme break strength. The reflective material on this collars is extremely reflective. Having a reflective collar on your dog helps motorist see your dog if it is close to the road or even if your dog gets lost at night it can be easily seen.There is a wide selection of colors and sizes

Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Brass spots.

This collar is made out of thick flexible leather. This collar has a high class look with the decorative brass spots. Collar is available in black or brown.


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