Benefits of briar proof chaps

Briar proof chaps has many benefits for all kinds of outdoor activities whether you are hunting upland birds to running hounds in the thickest terrain. Briar proof chaps are even ideal for working, from running the weed eater to doing farm work they keep your pants clean and dry.

Stone Creek takes great pride in manufacturing top quality chaps right here in America with all American materials. The Chaps are made out of the same 420 denier nylon that Wick Outdoor Works made their chaps out of before they retired. This material is specially made it has a extremely high thread count and is very tightly woven. Which makes them totally briar proof and the water beads up on them and runs right off. Stone Creek also puts 100% waterproof liner in the inside of the chaps. The zippers are lifetime warranty. The zippers will unzip  3/4 of the way up the chaps which makes it a breeze get chaps on and off with your boots on.

I have tested this chaps all over the country in all kinds of conditions and terrain they have exceeded all of my expectations. I have crossed high hay fields after a recent rain and I stay completely dry. As far as the briar proof part of the chap I have worn them in the thickest terrain from rabbit hunting to deer hunting. They briars shed right off the chaps the briars don’t grab ahold due to the tightly woven material.

I would highly recommend these briar and waterproof chaps to anyone. They are definitely made with quality and durability as the priority goal which last years.


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