Hunting Dog Box Pads

Dog box pads have a number of benefits to them.

  • Comfort: The pads are made out of a high-density foam which gives your dog a more comfortable ride and is easy on their joints. Pads are great for having them in your house for your dog to lay on. Your dog will not be stiff and sore when he arrives to hunt or perform in a field trail.

  • Durable: The outer layers is 1000 Denier Cordura which is extremely durable with excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew.

  • Water Resistant: Quick drying, and highly water repellent. The foam inside is wrapped in plastic so it is waterproof.

  • Easy To Clean: You can rinse off the pads if your dog has an accident while in the box. There is a solid brass zipper on one end of the pad cover so you can remove foam and wash outer layer. The pads are a lot cleaner compared to using straw or cedar chips. Every time the dogs get out of the box it always drags out some straw or chips with it.

  • Custom Sizes: We custom make the pads so we will make whatever size you need. Just measure  both sides of your box, just make sure its a snug fit. Call us with the measurements and order. Prices vary depending on size.

  • MADE IN USA: Our dog box pads are made right here in the USA to ensure a superior quality product and speedy delivery.

Additional shipping charges may apply depending on size of box and location.

dog box pads
Dog Box Pad product review
Dog Box Pad product review
Dog Box Pad product review
Dog Box Pad product review
Dog Box Pad product review

Sold my old dog box that I bought from Stone Creek 15 years ago that had pads Kim had made me right after I bought it Hauled lots of dogs in those boxes and those pads were great. No matter how messy they got you just rinsed them off and ready to go. Custom sized to fit tight and kept dogs from chewing the edges. Just purchased crate pads for my new vehicle crates. I'm hoping these last as long as the old ones.

Steve W.



Every box pad is made to order. To request a quote, please call us or complete the form below with your measurements.

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