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7 Reasons Why Every Outdoor Adventurer Swears by Briar Chaps

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You're on a multi-day upland pheasant hunting trip, trudging through miles of rough terrain with weather fluctuating from the mid-twenties to the seventies. You're facing spitting rain and 30 MPH windYou need gear that's as tough and durable as you are. This ain't your first why do you still wear your first pair of brush pants?

It sounds like you're ready to step your game up and upgrade to the gear that's designed to protect you from the brush and briars. Hunters Choice Chaps are as rugged as they are comfortable and made with the same material that Wick Outdoor Works used in their clothing.

1. Durability

Briars won't tread on these threadsStone Creek chaps are made in the USA. The 420 Denier Nylon is a specially designed and extremely durable material that is woven tight to keep your skin unscathed as you navigate the thick briars. The heavy-duty leg zippers also come guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. Combine your chaps with a briar-proof hoodie or jacket for full body coverage.

2. Waterproof

To give you complete protection from your waist to boots, the 420 Denier Nylon is double-stitched so the rain beads and runs right off. Beyond the moisture-wicking exterior, there is an additional layer of protection as these feature a waterproof liner. Keep a pair of these in the truck and you'll be protected from mud, blood, and water. Chaps keep your jeans dry in the dew and the rain so you can focus on the hunt.

3. Field-Tested

Stone Creek Chaps Field Test

Feel free to purposely walk through the thickest briar you can find and kick up birds, you wouldn't be the first. To get a better idea of the awesome quality of these chaps, check out what a verified customer has to say. See why over 50 happy hunters who ordered these chaps have given a five-star review by looking at the product reviews. These are the best-selling chaps with unmatched versatility. People often swear by these briar-proof chaps and after testing for themselves, they come back to buy chaps for the whole family.

4. Comfortability

Another standout feature of the 420 Denier Nylon is how lightweight it is. This helps keep the chaps breathable and flexible when you're on the move. The chaps are able to slip and slide without binding your legsno more rubbing and chafing! For cold and windy days, its insulated liner is also great to keep you warm so you can hunt longer.

5. Ventilation

Briar Chap Zipper

Don't skip leg protection as the day gets hotter. These chaps come with a side zipper for easy ventilation on each leg. From your thigh to your calves, your legs will appreciate this breathability. The zipper is stitched on the outer part of the chaps so they won't rub against each other when you walk or ride. Zippers also help you get a good fit while being able to easily put the chaps on over your boots. Does the zipper have a lifetime warranty? Yes! That's because the zipper we use is made in the USA and is of the highest quality.

6. Perfect Fit

We wanted to decrease quantity on returns due to ordering the wrong size, so we created a detailed sizing guide. Find the guide on our site, and while you're there subscribe to our newsletter to see our latest updates on products and upcoming sales. Follow the measurement guide to have a great fit.

Measurement Guide

To determine your size, inseam, and length, don't just use your normal inseam length. For your chaps, the inseam length is determined by measuring from your crotch to your ankle. If you're in 30 length pants or clothing, we recommend a 28 inch chap length. You don't want your chaps dragging on the ground. Thigh size is determined by measuring the largest part of your thigh over your jeans and adding two to three inches. If you measure a 27 or 28, we recommend a size large.

We recommend wearing your chaps with a belt or pants with a belt loop. In addition to the zipper on each of your legs, there's an adjustable quick-clip nylon strap at the top of the chap to fasten the chaps to your belt or belt loop.

7. Made in the USA

We've got a boots-to-mud work ethic at Stone Creek. We work hard to ensure all our new products and upcoming releases always fit the same standards. That's why our briarproof clothing and materials are made in one country, the USA.

You Won't Stop with One Set

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Across the country we get feedback that our chaps outperform in all categories; brands often claim to have the best briarproof products and upcoming sales, but our current stock is unparalleled and our sales speak for themselves. Our goal: Instead of having claims that are undefined, increase quantity of great experiences. That is why Stone Creek is respected above the other briarproof dry chaps posted.

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