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7 Reasons Why Every Outdoor Adventurer Swears by Briar Chaps

brown briar chaps

You're on a multi-day upland pheasant hunting trip, trudging through miles of rough terrain with weather fluctuating from the mid-twenties to the seventies. You're facing spitting rain and 30 MPH windYou need gear that's as tough and durable as you are. This ain't your first why do you still wear your first pair of brush pants?

It sounds like you're ready to step your game up and upgrade to the gear that's designed to protect you from the brush and briars. Hunters Choice Chaps are as rugged as they are comfortable and made with the same material that Wick Outdoor Works used in their clothing.

1. Durability

Briars won't tread on these threadsStone Creek chaps are made in the USA. The 420 Denier Nylon is a specially designed and extremely durable material that is woven tight to keep your skin unscathed as you navigate the thick briars. The heavy-duty leg zippers also come guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. Combine your chaps with a briar-proof hoodie or jacket for full body coverage.

2. Waterproof

To give you complete protection from your waist to boots, the 420 Denier Nylon is double-stitched so the rain beads and runs right off. Beyond the moisture-wicking exterior, there is an additional layer of protection as these feature a waterproof liner. Keep a pair of these in the truck and you'll be protected from mud, blood, and water. Chaps keep your jeans dry in the dew and the rain so you can focus on the hunt.

3. Field-Tested