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The Best Hunting Chaps And The Benefits Of Them

Stone Creek hunting chaps have been field-tested and proven in the harshest terrain by professional hunters. You will learn why Stone Creek hunting chaps are so durable and the benefits of hunting chaps in the post.

Hunters wearing Stone Creek chaps

Stone Creek chaps are made in America with all American products. Our chaps are made out of a special made 420 denier nylon, the same material that Wick Outdoor Works used. What makes this nylon special is extremely tightly woven, making moisture bead up and run right off. The briars will not snag this material either. One of the significant differences in these hunting chaps is the material is lightweight without compromising the durability and briar proof. Some other chaps are made with heavyweight material, which restricts the flexibility making it uncomfortable for walking and stepping over brush, logs, etc.

These hunting chaps have lifetime warranty aluminum zippers. The zippers come 2/3 of the way up the leg. The benefit of having long zippers are, easy on and off while wearing your boots. With long zippers, you can unzip them partway during the hotter months to keep you cool and comfortable. One other huge benefit we learned from a professional hunter that wears Stone Creek chaps is wearing shorts under the chaps during the warm months to keep you cool. That is one of the benefits of chaps versus brush pants. The zipper is located on the outside of the leg so the zipper does not rub against your inner leg while walking or horseback riding.

All seams are double stitched for extra durability. There is an inner waterproof liner that will not allow any moisture to come through. These hunting chaps have been tested in heavy rain and even worn through hay fields which hold lots of water after a rainstorm.

Hunting chaps are used by many different hunting styles, from bird hunters, rabbit hunters, coon hunters, hog hunters, and even deer hunters. Still, there are many other uses for chaps. They are great for weed eating keeping your pants clean and not green from other the grass/weed clippings. Farmers and ranchers use our chaps to keep the everyday dirt and grime off of them. Another use they are great for is berry picking. Some fisherman wears these chaps over their waders to protect their fishing waders from getting snags or tears from the briars near they streams.

Chaps come in various thigh sizes and inseam sizes. Here are some sizing tips. To get the correct thigh size, measure around your largest part of your upper thigh over a pair of jeans and add 2 to 3 inches to the measurement. You do not want them to loose, but you also do not want them to tight when crouching down. If your leg measures a 27 or 28, we recommend a large, which measures 30 inches in the thigh. Now for the chaps' length, measure from your crotch to the ball of your ankle to get the correct length. This is the best method to find the correct length size. Another technique for length is to take the inseam of your jeans and subtract 2-3 inches for your inseam always round down to the closest even number. It is crucial you do not get chaps to long. You don't want to be stepping on the bottom of the chaps. There is an adjustable strap on top of the chaps for a tailored fit.

Stone Creek Chaps a very reasonably priced and will last you years, even with extreme use. Professional hunting guides wear our chaps 300 days a year and still get many years out of them. Here is the link to Stone Creek Hunting Chaps


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