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Top 5 Briar Proof Clothing Products

Top 5 Briar Proof Clothing

  1. Hunter’s Choice Briar Proof Chaps

  2. All-Weather Briar Proof Jackets

  3. Tuff n Dry Briar Proof Bibs

  4. Front Loading Pro Game Vest

  5. Frogleg Waders

All of these products can be found at

Why Stone Creek’s briar proof clothing last longer and how Wick Outdoor Works helped us get there?

picture with Stone Creek briar proof jacket, bibs, waders, vest and game bag.

Stone Creek is a family-owned and operated business. We have hunted with hunting dogs for forty years. Our forty years of experience has helped us to know what works best. It has also allowed us to know what needs to be done to make the product long-lasting. Our goal is to produce top-quality briar proof clothing and have great customer service. If we wouldn’t wear it we don’t expect you to. We also manufacture dog collars, leads, and much more.

We made the collars and leads for Wick Outdoor Works. When Wick Outdoors Works was in business they were second to none in quality. The quality of their briar proof clothing is what their business was built on. Throughout the years of doing business with Wick Outdoor Works, we became good friends of theirs. When we heard they were retiring and closing their shop we knew someone had to keep that line of top quality briar proof clothing going. Wick Outdoor Works briar proof clothing is all that we wore and we were not willing to let it go.

When we decided to make briar proof clothing we purchased some of Wick Outdoor Works machines. Although the biggest thing that makes Stone Creek’s clothing last the longest is Wick Outdoor Works had a specially made brown briar proof and highly water-resistant material made specifically for them right here in the USA. We are proud to say that we have that same material. The material is a stout high density tightly woven nylon. This special nylon repels water and briars better than all other similar nylons.

Hunter’s Choice Briar Proof Chaps

Stone Creek’s chaps are made out of specially made stout, medium weight nylon which is flexible for easy walking. There is an inner layer of waterproof material to keep you dry. Chaps have a long zipper making it easy to get chaps on and off. Zippers are lifetime warranty.

All-Weather Briar Proof Jacket

Stone Creek’s jacket is made out of the same stout medium weight nylon. There is a cozy brown plaid flannel liner. You have the choice of a jacket with a hood permanently attached or a jacket with a corduroy collar. The jacket with the collar has an optional hood that snaps under the collar. On the outside of the jackets, there is a hand warmer and a cargo pocket on each side. On the inside of the jacket, there are two additional pockets.

Tuff n Dry Briar Proof Bibs

Stone Creek’s bibs are made out of the same stout medium weight nylon. There is a waterproof liner on the inside of the bibs from the waist down. There is a roomy cargo pocket on the front, hand pockets, and two back pockets. Leg zipper is long for easy on and off. The zipper is a lifetime warranty.

Front Loading Pro Game Vest

The vest is made from orange nylon which repels briars. Features included in this vest are game bag that can be loaded from the front or the rear, license holder, deep cargo pockets, handwarmer pockets, two inside pockets, two water bottle holders, nylon shell holders, tri-tronic / garmin holder, and lifetime warranty zipper.

Froglegs / Waders

Froglegs are made out of stout medium weight USA nylon. Froglegs are totally waterproof they can be worn down and snap to the boots or the can be pulled up when encountering high water or briars.


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