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Top 5 Dog Collars

These collars plus more can be found at

  1. All-Weather Dayglo Reflective Dog Collar

  2. All-Weather Dayglo Camo Dog Collar

  3.  Beta Dog Collar

  4. 2 Ply Nylon Reflective Dog Collar

  5. Genuine Leather Collar with Brass Spots

Variety styles of dog collars

All of these collars are manufactured by Stone Creek Hounds and Hunting Supplies in Pennsylvania. Stone Creek is a family-owned and operated business. Stone Creek is known for its utmost quality. The buckles and rings are a heavy-duty nickel-plated. The leather collars are made with brass buckles and rings. Stone Creek uses a 2 piece rivet and cap, unlike others that use 1 piece mushroom rivet which has sharp edges that rub on your dog's neck plus wears through the material eventually. All of Stone Creek's collars come with a FREE name tag. Name tag is a must on your dog collar, if your dog ever becomes lost you can have your contact info on the tag.


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