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Tuff N Dry Bibs... This Seasons Top Seller!!!

Stone Creek's Tuff N Dry Bibs are made out of our famous 420 denier nylon. This material is extremely durable. Briars will not penetrate it, neither does the wind which keeps you warm on those windy days. Bibs have waterproof liner from the waist down. LIFETIME WARRANTY zippers that come 3/4 of the way up your leg, making it easy to get on and off when wearing boots. Adjustable elastic shoulder straps for a comfortable fit. Our elastic straps are heavy-duty which prevents them from sliding down as some other elastic straps do. Numerous pockets and a large cargo pouch on the chest. These bibs will last you many years. They are great for all kinds of hunting when encountering brush. Also, farmers and landscapers buy bibs to keep their clothes from getting dirty. MADE IN AMERICA WITH AMERICAN QUALITY WORKMANSHIP!!!

brown briar proof bibs


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