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Your Complete Guide to Buying Briar-Proof Bibs

Briar-proof bibs from Stone Creek

You are in the mountains and over the hills, crossing rivers, beaver dams, and all kinds of rough terrain. When you are in the thick of the hunt, the last thing you need to worry about is the thick of the terrain.

Briar-proof bibs protect you from all the thorns, brush, and briars you will undoubtedly come across on your way. However, not all bibs are created equal. You need gear that is as rugged as it is comfortable.

Why Use Briar-Proof Bibs?

"Briar-proof" refers to the top quality, American-made materials and crafting that go into the highly durable hunting bibs. At Stone Creek, we make our bibs with a specially made 420 denier nylon material, the same nylon used in Wick Outdoor Works. The special nylon is woven tight, keeping you unscathed as you pass through thick briars.

Buying Guide: What To Look For in Briar-Proof Bibs


The American-made 420 denier nylon thread is double stitched and weaved tight so the rain beads up and runs off. Our Tuff-n-Dry Bibs also come guaranteed with a lifetime warranty for the heavy-duty leg and fly zippers. Skip the snag and grab of mother nature and combine your bibs with a briar-proof hoodie or jacket for full body coverage.