The Hunter's Choice Combo: Comes with Hunter Choice Chaps, Chap Suspenders, and a Hunter's Hoodie


$10.00 added to sizes 2xl-4xl


Made in America With American Materials and Quality Worksmanship



  • Briar and Waterproof (Same Material as Wick Used)
  • Flexible Material for Comfort
  • Lifetime Warranty Zippers
  • Exteremly Durable Field Tested and Approved



  • Briar Proof (Same Material as Wick Used)
  • Light-Weight
  •  Extemely Water Resistant
  • Large Cargo Pocket
  • Hand-Warmer Pockets


Chap Suspenders

  • No More Chaps Pulling Pants Down
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Standard and Big and Tall Size Available



Chap Product Details- Stone Creek chaps are made from a 420 denier briar proof nylon. These chaps have a waterproof liner in them also. Chaps are still flexible for extra comfort. A LIFE TIME WARRANTY zipper goes 3/4 of the way up the chap, making it easy on and off while wearing boots. Adjustable chaps strap on top of chap for exact fit.  Sizing Tips: For chap thigh measurement measure around top/thickest part of your thigh wear you want your chaps to fit. Then for chap inseam measurement, measure from crotch to the ball of your ankle. If odd number go to smaller even number . Any question please call. MADE IN USA!!!


Chap Suspenders Product Details- These suspender are designed so you do not have to hook your chaps or waders on your belt. When hooking chaps and waders on your belt they pull on your pants. This was a problem that many hunters had. So we at Stone Creek developed this suspenders and field tested them. The suspenders will not allow chaps to pull on your pants and chaps do not tighten or bind up against your legs. They are adjustable and will fit most all people. There is a chest strap across the front so the suspenders will not fall of your shoulders. Sizing Tip: Measure from center of your shoulder to your belt loop. Standard suspenders will adjust out to 26 inches, the big and tall will adjust out to 30 inches.        MADE IN USA!!!


Hunter's Hoodie Product Details-Stone Creek just introduced this Hunter's Hoodie due to high demand from the hunter's. Although this hoodie also works great for all outdoor activities. This is a great hoodie to wear any time of the year. The Hunter's Hoodie is made out of the tight woven 420 denier nylon that hunters know and trust. This material is made in USA. What makes this material so durable is the tight woven nylon that will not let briars penetrate it. Another feature of this special made nylon is the water beads up and runs right off keeping you dry. This hoodie does not have any flannel liner in it keeping it light weight and cooler for warm parts of the season. Hunter's Hoodie features are an over-sized cargo pocket giving you plenty of storage for you hunting accessories. Also has hand warm pockets to keep your hands warm and dry. Hood has pull strings so you can cinch the hood down if you would like. Pairing this Hunter's Hoodie with Hunter Choice Stone Creek Chaps would protect you from all the elements mother nature could throw out you. Also insures you to be briar proof from head to toe. Hunter's Hoodie comes in numerous sizes. If you have any question feel free to call us. MADE IN USA!!!



The Hunter's Choice Combo

$170.95 Regular Price
$160.95Sale Price
Chap Thigh
Chap Inseam
Hoodie Size
Chap Suspender Size
  • Measure highest/largest part of thigh and add 2-3 inches  
    Size Inches
    Slim 25
    Medium 27
    Large 30
    X-Large 33
    Inseam is determined by measuring from your crotch to ball of your ankle.  If odd number go to smaller even number 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34


  • Size

    Chest Measurment


    Sleeve Length




    Medium 36-39 34
    Large 40-43 34.5
    X-Large 44-47 35
    2XL 48-51 36
    3XL 52-55 37
    4XL 56-59 38




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