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5 Reasons Why Your Next Purchase Should Be A Briar Proof Jacket

Nothing is more rewarding than exploring the great outdoors. However, there's one major issue you should look out for especially if you love to trek in the mountains — getting pricked by sharp thorns in the shrubs.

Sharp thorns from plants like wild roses and blackberries can poke holes in your clothes and puncture your skin. These may be small skin punctures, but these are wounds where pathogenic organisms may enter and cause infection. So how do you avoid this issue?

It's by wearing a briar-proof jacket on your next camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking trip. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about briar-proof jackets, and why should it be on your next must-have list if you love spending time outdoors.

What Are Briar Proof Jackets?

First of all, let's get one thing straight about briars. Briars is a general term for different types of shrubs carrying thorns or prickles. In short, any plant that has thorns are called briars. In order to protect yourself from getting punctured by the thorns that come from briars, you'll need a briar-proof jacket.

A briar-proof jacket protects you from getting wounded or punctured by plants with thorns as you explore forests or mountains on your hunting or hiking trip. A briar-proof coat is not your usual jacket because its material can resist thorn pricks. In short, a briar-proof jacket is your protection from whatever nature throws at you.

Who Will Benefit From Wearing Briar-Proof Jackets?

Anyone who loves to spend time exploring the great outdoors will benefit from wearing briar-proof jackets. From hunters, hikers, fishing enthusiasts, and even photographers who are into wildlife or nature photography.

Just imagine this, you're enjoying your nature viewing without knowingly passing through a bushy area in the mountains. Who knows what's in those bushes? You can't avoid each thorn from all those plants. That's why it's better to be prepared to protect yourself.

Even those who have a rose garden in their backyard can use briar-proof jackets so you can easily work your way around in your garden without worrying about getting pricked. If you're a lover of nature and love to spend time outdoors, this jacket is a wardrobe must-have!

Top Reasons Why Briar-proof Jackets Are a Must!

The elements of nature are unpredictable, from the unpredictable weather to the bushes you'll encounter while hunting. The key to a successful, safe, and comfortable outdoor trip is to protect yourself from the unpredictabilities of the outdoor elements.

Wearing a briar-proof jacket is a smart first step to keep you protected. Here are the top reasons why your next purchase should be a briar-proof coat.

  1. You need to protect yourself from bush thorns As mentioned, the main purpose of a briar-proof jacket is to protect your skin from thorns that protrude from the bushes. You need a jacket thick enough that no thorns will penetrate into it. No matter how you avoid bushy areas, it's inevitable to get pricked from nasty plants. Other than briars, there's the possibility of coming in contact with poison ivy plants. This is going to be a big problem especially if you forgot a first aid kit. Who knows what kind of plants will you encounter outdoors? So on your next hunting, fishing, or hiking trip, protecting your skin by wearing a briar-proof jacket is a top priority.

  2. It's the proper hunting clothing Other than protection, when engaging in outdoor activities particularly hunting, you need to make sure you're wearing the proper clothes. A briar-proof jacket is specially designed as proper hunting clothing. You may ask, what's an appropriate jacket for hunting? A hunting jacket should brave the elements of nature — rain, plants, and the wind. In addition, it should be comfortable and lightweight so as to avoid unrestricted shooting. Most briar-proof coats, like the Stone Creek Briar Proof Jacket With Collar are specifically designed to be appropriate clothing for hunting. If you're wearing an inappropriate jacket while hunting, this may cause you to restrict your movements, or at the end of the day will make you easily exhausted.

  3. It's an all-purpose outdoor jacket Briar-proof jackets are not only designed for hunting, but for almost all outdoor activities as well. Take for example the Stone Creek Briar Proof Jacket, it's designed as an all-purpose outdoor jacket. Other than being waterproof, windproof, and briar-proof there are many more nifty uses to it making it the perfect outdoor jacket. For instance, it has two large cargo pockets in front with velcro flaps so you can carry more items in it. Plus warmer pockets behind each cargo pocket to keep your hands warm. Furthermore, it has two inside pockets to store your valuable items like your cell phone and wallet. Plus, it has flannel-lined hand warmers to keep you warm even on the coldest days. You'll also love it has a neck-warming corduroy collar with snaps where you can attach a detachable hood. So whether you'll go on a fishing trip in the summer, or a hunting trip during cold days, a briar-proof jacket is a definite must-have. Even photographers that are into nature photography can benefit from wearing this type of jacket.

  4. It's comfortable and won't restrict your movements Another reason why you'll love briar-proof coats is they're comfortable to wear. When engaging in outdoor activities, not only do you need protective clothing but prioritize comfort as well. For instance, when hunting, you need to have the freedom to move around when shooting, crawling, or hiding from your targets. Plus, there's still room for your loading game bag and other accessories. You don't want your movement to be restricted because of your heavy jacket, right? To ensure optimal comfort, make sure to choose the right size of the jacket. It must have a good fit, and be roomy enough so you can wear multiple layers of insulation (if needed). Furthermore, it should not be too loose which can hinder you from moving around freely.

  5. It's water-resistant Of course, you can never predict when will it rain, especially mid-hunt. Why carry around a raincoat if you already have a waterproof jacket on? That's another reason why you'll love briar-proof coats. It's water-resistant, so the hunt or hike continues even if it rains, without you worrying about soaking wet.

Where Do I Buy a Briar Proof Jacket?

Now that you're aware of the reasons why you need a briar-proof jacket, it's time to consider investing in one before your next hunting or fishing trip. Of course, you only want to invest in the best quality jacket that will last for years to come.

Invest in the finest jacket of Stone Creek, the Briar Proof Jacket With Collar. Expect nothing but top-quality material with top-quality workmanship. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast or you belong in the small game hunters category, this jacket is for you.

This waist-length nylon jacket is made of the highest quality nylon thread that's not only attractive but also resists briars, water, and wind too. Its materials are made in the USA and the manufacturing process is made in the country as well. That's why you can expect Stone Creek's clothing quality to be one of the best, if not the best of its kind.

This is an all-purpose jacket specially designed for any outdoor trip. Whether be it fishing, hunting, hiking, or even for photographers who love to explore the brave outdoors. What can you expect from the Briar Proof Jacket With Collar from Stone Creek? Here's what you should know:

  • Lifetime guaranteed zipper warranty

  • The collar has snaps for an optional detachable hood

  • The special brown nylon repels water effectively

  • Has a heavy-duty flannel liner

  • Two large cargo pockets in front with warmer pockets behind it

  • Two inside pockets

  • The inside front clinging to the lower portion is made of nylon that withstands briars tearing even when wearing the jacket unzipped

The briar-proof jacket of Stone Creek comes in a hoodie design and jacket with hood as well. One thing's for sure when it comes to Stone Creek's products — expect top-quality workmanship.

Invest in a Stone Creek Briar-Proof Jacket Now!

Stone Creek jackets are one of the most sought-after outdoor clothing by many hunting, hiking, or fishing enthusiasts. Investing in one now is the best decision you'll ever make. This will make a great gift to your family and loved ones who love to spend time outdoors as well.

Proactive thinking and protection by wearing a briar-proof coat are always better than risking being punctured by thorns and getting an infection. No one wants that! Invest in a Stone Creek Briar-Proof Jacket Now! You can buy it online through Stone Creek's website and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy and have a safe time outdoors.


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