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5 Reasons Why Your Next Purchase Should Be A Briar Proof Jacket

Nothing is more rewarding than exploring the great outdoors. However, there's one major issue you should look out for especially if you love to trek in the mountains — getting pricked by sharp thorns in the shrubs.

Sharp thorns from plants like wild roses and blackberries can poke holes in your clothes and puncture your skin. These may be small skin punctures, but these are wounds where pathogenic organisms may enter and cause infection. So how do you avoid this issue?

It's by wearing a briar-proof jacket on your next camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking trip. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about briar-proof jackets, and why should it be on your next must-have list if you love spending time outdoors.

What Are Briar Proof Jackets?

First of all, let's get one thing straight about briars. Briars is a general term for different types of shrubs carrying thorns or prickles. In short, any plant that has thorns are called briars. In order to protect yourself from getting punctured by the thorns that come from briars, you'll need a briar-proof jacket.

A briar-proof jacket protects you from getting wounded or punctured by plants with thorns as you explore forests or mountains on your hunting or hiking trip. A briar-proof coat is not your usual jacket because its material can resist thorn pricks. In short, a briar-proof jacket is your protection from whatever nature throws at you.

Who Will Benefit From Wearing Briar-Proof Jackets?

Anyone who loves to spend time exploring the great outdoors will benefit from wearing briar-proof jac