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Rattlesnake Chaps: Why Are Snake Proof Chaps Necessary?

More and more Americans are interested in hunting. For the first time in decades, hunting license sales are on the rise across the country.

rattlesnake chaps

And while hunting is a safe activity, with few injuries compared to the total number of hunters, there's always a risk.

Hunters naturally spend time in remote areas, far off the beaten track. Along with deer, elk, and other game species, these areas are where some of America's top predators tend to hide, as well.

While many hunters prepare themselves for bears, fewer are prepared to protect themselves with a pair of full protection rattlesnake chaps, to protect themselves from rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes.

But rattlesnake bites are some of the most common injuries for outdoor enthusiasts; hunters included. Wondering why snake proof chaps are a must when you're headed outdoors? Keep reading to learn how the right pair of chaps can protect you from a snake bite.

Venomous Snake Bites

Every year, some 7,000 to 8,000 people fall victim to a rattlesnake bite. Luckily, only about five of those people die, and it's almost always because they didn't seek medical attention.

The sooner you receive medical treatment, the better off you'll be. But wait too long and the venom can cause enough damage, providing lifelong complications. For example, you may lose the ability to control your finger. Or you may lose part of your finger altogether.