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Rattlesnake Chaps: Why Are Snake Proof Chaps Necessary?

More and more Americans are interested in hunting. For the first time in decades, hunting license sales are on the rise across the country.

rattlesnake chaps

And while hunting is a safe activity, with few injuries compared to the total number of hunters, there's always a risk.

Hunters naturally spend time in remote areas, far off the beaten track. Along with deer, elk, and other game species, these areas are where some of America's top predators tend to hide, as well.

While many hunters prepare themselves for bears, fewer are prepared to protect themselves with a pair of full protection rattlesnake chaps, to protect themselves from rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes.

But rattlesnake bites are some of the most common injuries for outdoor enthusiasts; hunters included. Wondering why snake proof chaps are a must when you're headed outdoors? Keep reading to learn how the right pair of chaps can protect you from a snake bite.

Venomous Snake Bites

Every year, some 7,000 to 8,000 people fall victim to a rattlesnake bite. Luckily, only about five of those people die, and it's almost always because they didn't seek medical attention.

The sooner you receive medical treatment, the better off you'll be. But wait too long and the venom can cause enough damage, providing lifelong complications. For example, you may lose the ability to control your finger. Or you may lose part of your finger altogether.

Many rattlesnake victims are workers who spend their workday outside, such as farmhands, lawn care workers, construction workers, or park rangers. But a fair number of these victims are engaged in outdoor recreation.

If you're not too far from your car, getting to a healthcare facility before too much damage is done is possible. But hunters often head deep into the backcountry in order to reach prime hunting habitat, undisturbed by roads and towns.

If a snake bites you while you're far from the car, you might be in trouble. Especially if you're alone.

Rattlesnakes Are Almost Everywhere

Rattlesnakes aren't the only venomous snakes in the US, but they are the largest. And they are abundant across most of the country.

There are only five states where you cannot find a rattlesnake population; Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Maine, and Rhode Island. Every other state has at least one species of rattlesnake.

Arizona boasts the most rattlesnake species, with New Mexico and Texas close behind, due to warm, desert landscapes.

rattlesnake map

There's no singular habitat where rattlesnakes are likely to live. Each species is different and prefers a different setting, from woodlands to prairies, and dry rocky landscapes.

Regardless of where you're hunting, hiking, or camping, there's a chance you can encounter a rattlesnake, especially once you get off the main trail. Luckily, you usually discover a rattlesnake before it's too late. Get too close, and they will let off a distinct rattle using their tail, alerting you of their presence.

But when you're hiking, carrying heavy gear, and having a conversation with a buddy, it can be hard to hear a rattle until it's too late.

That's why wearing snake chaps is so important.

What Are Rattlesnake Chaps?

So what exactly are snake chaps? Snake chaps are an additional layer of clothing that you wear over your pants that help to provide full protection from snake bites.

They are made from extra-tough, durable materials that help prevent punctures. While regular hiking and hunting chaps provide protection from briars and thorns, snake chaps take the protection one step further. The extra strong material will even prevent most snakes from biting through the chap, preventing puncture wounds and envenomation.

While even the best snake-proof chaps can not guarantee 100% snake resistance, they will easily repel most snake bites, keeping you safe in snake country.

Why You Need a Pair of Snake Chaps

Most people who head out into snake country don't wear snake chaps. This is why so many people are bit every year.

If you know you're going to be walking in snake country, here's why you should bring a pair of snake chaps with you.

Repel Venomous Snake Bites

Spend enough time in the great outdoors, and you're going to get close to stepping on a rattlesnake.

In fact, there are four species of rattlesnakes in the US and they thrive in nearly every state.

Most of the time, you can get away from an alerted snake by backing away. But you won't always hear a rattlesnake. By wearing snake chaps, you can come away from a snake encounter unscathed.

Even though a snake tried to bite you, you don't have to cut your trip short. You can continue about your way, hopefully, a little more alert, thanks to your chaps.

Navigate the Backcountry Worry Free

The wilderness can be unforgiving. By wearing snake chaps, you'll have greater peace of mind knowing you have the protection of a reliable pair of rattlesnake chaps. You'll be able to hike with purpose and think clearly since you won't have to be as concerned with those small, coiled predators.

Enjoy Range of Motion

In the past, wearing snake chaps was cumbersome. The heavy material made it very difficult to walk long distances. And they usually weren't flexible, making it hard to navigate rough terrain.

Modern snake chaps are typically made with high-density nylon. The material is super tough and durable. But it's also flexible and lightweight, letting you move naturally.

Different Types of Snake Proof Chaps Available

Depending on the day, you might opt for a different type of snake chaps. For minimal protection, you can wear snake gaiters. These are worn over the pants, extending from your boot to just below the knee.

They offer protection where you need it most, without feeling cumbersome.

When more protection is required, full-length snake chaps should be worn. These will be worn over your pants up to your waist and attached to your belt. You can also get a suspender system so that the weight of the chaps is supported by your shoulders rather than your belt.

Full-length chaps have zippers that run the length of the leg, making it easy to get them on while you're already wearing your boots.

Weather-Resistance Is Built In

Snake-proof chaps already provide so many benefits. but it doesn't stop there. Since our snake chaps are made from high density, tough nylon, they are also waterproof.

So if you're hunting and get hit by a surprise rainstorm, the chaps can keep your pants from getting wet, so you stay dry and comfortable. Few pieces of outdoor gear are as versatile as a pair of modern snake chaps.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors, Safely

If you love spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, you owe it to yourself to understand the risks associated with these activities. But rather than let fear overwhelm you, you can acquire the gear you need to stay safe while enjoying your favorite hobbies.

Rattlesnake chaps are extremely versatile, keeping you safe from snake bites as well as other threats, such as thorns, rocks, and rain. And modern snake-proof chaps are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.

What are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of snake chaps today to enjoy the great outdoors worry-free.


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