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Snake Chaps vs. Hunting Chaps: What's the Difference?

snake chaps vs hunting chaps: what's the difference?

Outdoor activities like hiking and hunting are fun and refreshing. However, they can also be dangerous hence the need to protect yourself by having the right protection and hunting gear.

For this reason, snake chaps and hunting chaps are a must-have in an outdoor lover's kit.


Snake chaps offer additional protection against snake bites and hunting chaps help prevent injuries from briars and thorns. So finding the right pair of chaps can help keep you safe on the hunting trail so that you can focus more on the hunt and less on injury and discomfort.

However, it's important to note that snake chaps are very different from hunting chaps. This article will let you in on the differences and how to wear each protective set of chaps.

What Are Snake Chaps?

Snake chaps, clothing worn over your pants, offer additional protection against a potential snake bite, whether you're walking outdoors or taking a trip in the snake country. In addition, these chaps can also keep your legs safe from thorn injuries.

Stone Creek snake chaps

Designed to be worn over your jeans, snake chaps offer protection from your ankle to your thigh. This is often the part of your body where snakes are likely to bite, hence the need for extra protection.

Snake chaps are made from strong and durable material to enhance safety over time. These materials often include Kevlar, Cordura nylon, and other snake-resistant fabric.

Why Are Snake Chaps Essential?

Traversing the snake country is easier and safer if you have the right pair of snake chaps. Below are a few reasons why you should always have snake chaps outdoors.

  1. Protection against potential snake bites - Snake chaps are primarily designed to help protect against snake bites by preventing the fangs from penetrating and causing injury. An added bonus: they can also offer protection against briars and thistles on the trail.

  2. Confidence when outdoors - Wearing a pair of snake chaps gives you confidence knowing you have added protection in the event of a snake attack. While this is not a 100% guarantee, field-tested snake-proof chaps can be another layer of protection that can help you focus on the hunt.

  3. Comfort and flexibility - Snake chaps have been known to be cumbersome and uncomfortable for a long time. That said, thanks to modern technology and years of manufacturing, Stone Creek snake chaps are super comfortable and flexible, all while providing additional protection.

  4. Keep your body warm and dry - Having wet clothes and feet can be irritating during your time outdoors. This is why it's important to go for waterproof snake chaps which keep you warm and dry, particularly during the cold season. Additionally, breathable snake chaps are your go-to, especially if you plan to spend the hot summer season in the snake country.

What Are Hunting Chaps?

Hunting is an outdoor activity loved and enjoyed by many people. Research shows that this number has greatly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while hunting seasons and practices vary in different regions, one thing that remains common is the need for protection.

Stone Creek hunting chaps

Hunting chaps are an important gear to have when heading into the outdoors. Similar to a great pair of hiking boots, these chaps ensure that you stay dry at all times and are protected from things like thorns and insect bites.

Why Are Hunting Chaps Important?

Hunting chaps are an essential part of your hunting gear. Below are a few reasons why.

  1. Protect your clothing while you walk through the woods.

  2. Keep your body and clothing warm and dry when hunting, especially during cool weather.

  3. Offer protection against briars, thorns, and insect bites.

When to Wear Hunting Chaps

  • Hunting, of course! Bird hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, rabbit hunting, wild hog hunting, you name it!

  • Weed eating to keep your clothes clean and prevent them from discoloring due to grass clippings

  • Farming or ranching to prevent your clothes from getting dirty

  • Berry picking

  • Fishing

  • The possibilities are limitless!

Features of Stone Creek Hunting Chaps

  • Material - Made from 420 nylon material, these hunting chaps' durability makes them every hunter's choice. The strong, durable, long-lasting material ensures that you reap all the benefits of having hunting chaps. Additionally, they're also comfortable and flexible, so you can focus more on the hunt and less on discomfort. You will also be surprised to find nylon thread on the stitching of your hunting chaps. This is because nylon, paired with double stitching, enforces additional strength to your chaps.

  • Briar-proof - 42O nylon material is briar-proof, making it a go-to for these hunting chaps. In addition, the nylon is tightly woven to ensure it repels even the toughest of briars. So, you're in for a fun adventure if hunting through the thickest briars.

  • Waterproof - Staying warm and dry is important, especially if you're hunting during the cooler season. Stone Creek hunting chaps have an inner lightweight waterproof layer that ensures you're dry at all times.

  • Zipper - A zipper is an important feature for every hunting chaps. First, you will love that the zippers are long, making it easy to get in and out of your hunting boots. Additionally, the zippers are strategically located outside to avoid rubbing against your clothes and skin. Clogged zippers are not uncommon, especially when hunting during the rainy or muddy season. Fortunately for you, these chaps come with a nylon flap over the zipper to prevent clogging from mud. Additionally, you will love the lifetime zipper warranty.

  • Adjustable clip nylon strap - The adjustable clip nylon strap on the hunting chaps makes it easy to fasten the chaps either on your belt or belt loop. We'll cover more about this when discussing the fit of your hunting chaps below.

So, Snake Chaps vs. Hunting Chaps: What's the Difference?

Snake chaps and hunting chaps are your first line of protection when traversing the outdoors. However, these two gears should not be used to replace the other since they're not the same.

What's the difference?

Thickness and Layers

As mentioned earlier, snake chaps offer protection against potential snake bites and injuries. This is mainly because of the high-strength fabric used to manufacture them. However, other key qualities make snake-proof chaps the right tool for this job.

Snake chaps are super thick to help prevent fangs from penetrating and injuring your skin. This is why thick and snake-resistant materials like 420 nylon and Cordura are preferred for snake chaps.

Additionally, you will find about 4 layers in the best snake-proof snake chaps, each with a specific function. The first layer is strong and thick to withstand a forceful snake bite, while the other 2 layers are key for adding barriers, thus preventing the sharp snake teeth from penetrating.

The innermost layer of your snake chaps ensures comfort and breathability. In addition, this layer makes it easy to wear and take off your chaps.

On the other hand, hunting chaps are less thick compared to snake chaps. While they're still thick enough to allow you to walk freely through the thickest briars, most hunting chaps do not have as many layers and are often suited for protection against thorns, thistles, and other hazardous briars.

Other Features To Consider When Getting Snake Chaps and Hunting Chaps

1. Fit

Getting the right fit is important for both snake chaps and hunting chaps. The last thing you want is having chaps that are too big or too small and limiting your motion and flexibility.

So, how do you get the right fit?

When it comes to the thigh size or thickness, it's recommended to measure the largest part of your upper thigh, then add two to three inches to get the right thigh size for your chaps.

Remember to have your jeans on when taking your thigh measurement.

Finally, you need to measure your crouch area and inseam. You don't want your chaps to be too loose or too tight and uncomfortable. For this reason, it's advisable to measure from the crotch to the ball of your ankle. You need to ensure that the length of the snake and hunting chaps is two to three inches shorter than the length of your jeans. You don't want your chaps too long and dragging the ground. Pick the smaller even number as your inseam measurement if you get an odd number.

2. Field Testing

Snake chaps, for example, are not 100% snake-proof. This is why field-testing is important. Field-testing involves using the snake chaps with live snakes or an artificial force mimicking a snake bite to test how they will hold.

Similarly, it's always important to go for field-tested hunting chaps. This means that they have been tested and proven to hold in the harshest of terrains by professional hunters.

Like the ones here at Stone Creek, going for field-tested chaps gives you the confidence you need to face the outdoors.

Tips for Staying Safe While Outdoors

Having the right hunting gear is the first step in ensuring your safety outdoors. However, there are additional tips you can implement to guarantee your safety, all while having fun and adventure in the wild.

These include:

  • Wear heavy-duty gloves and boots to protect other parts of your body.

  • Watch where you step.

  • Research what to expect in the area before starting your adventure.

  • Seek immediate medical attention if you get bitten by a snake.

  • In case of a snake bite, ensure the injured area is below or on the same level as your heart.

  • Also, please don't drink alcohol or caffeine after a snake bite, as it could fasten the rate of venom absorption into your bloodstream.

  • Avoid applying ice or a tourniquet on the bite. Also, refrain from sucking or cutting out the venom from the injured area.

Stone Creek Snake Chaps and Hunting Chaps

Snake chaps and hunting chaps are an essential part of your hunting gear. They're designed to be strong, sturdy, and durable. However, the choice of material, 420 denier nylon, also allows these chaps to be lightweight, comfortable, and breathable.

Stone Creek snake chaps and hunting chaps are manufactured right here in the heart of America. The products used are all sourced in America to ensure quality and durability.

So, visit our website if you're still in search of the best snake chaps and hunting chaps. You can also contact us to find out more about our products.


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