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Top Selling Coon Hunting Supplies All At One Store!!!

Stone Creek Hunting and Outdoor Gear has you covered for your coon hunting supplies for you and your dog. Here are our top-selling coon hunting supplies.

Racoon in tree

We manufacturer our dog collars and leashes. This is our top-selling coon hunting dog collars. Our Dayglo center ring, reflective dog collar is ideal for hunting at night. It is highly reflective. The reflective strip is embedded in the material giving you a durable, long-lasting reflective collar. The dayglo material is waterproof and smell resistant. We use heavy-duty nickel-plated hardware. At Stone Creek, we use a two-piece steel rivet that prevents from irritating your dog's skin as the one-piece star rivets do. One extra step we take in our collars that most manufacturers do not is we seal all the holes in the collar. Sealing the holes prevents moisture from getting in between the dayglo and nylon webbing. When water gets inside the webbing, the dayglo separates from the nylon ruining the collar over a short period of time.

We carry a wide variety of dog leashes. We have nylon leashes that come in double-ply or single-ply nylon. Other materials available in leashes are dayglo, beta, leather, and cable leashes. Our top seller for coon hunters is our beta leashes. Beta is a rubber coat nylon that feels and looks like real leather. Beta is waterproof and smell resistant. It is very comfortable in your hand and is available in numerous colors. You have the option to get the leash in all beta, or the bottom half of the leash can be a chain. The snaps are 100% solid brass which will never rust. Leashes come in 1 or 2 dog options. Leashes have a 10-inch handle, and the overall length is 5 feet. A floating ring is on the leash, which allows you to tie your dog around a tree, fence post, etc.

We also carry bright LED coon hunting lights. Our best seller is the Crystal Light CS-9. The CS-9 has a high, medium, and low brightness setting. It also has the option to switch the light from a white to a red light. The burn time is impressive. It will run 8 hours on the high setting and 30 hours on the low setting with just one charge. Light comes with a wall charger and auto charge. The battery pack is mounted on the back of the helmet. The light is very lightweight, making it very comfortable for long nights of hunting. The light is also great for fishing, camping, and predator hunting. Light comes with a 1-year warranty.

Stone Creek has numerous styles of coon squallers. Our top seller is the Timothy Ball coon squaller. The Timothy Ball coon squaller has been around for years. It is a double reed squaller that produces realistic-sounding coon squalls. Timothy Ball Coon squaller is made of solid wood. Timothy Ball developed this squaller himself. He is a world-known coonhunter with his top-of-the-line bloodline Hickory Nut Harry. Another squaller we do sell a lot of is the Zepps Lifetime coon squaller. It is a triple reed, all-aluminum squaller. I have personally squalled coon right down the tree while coon hunting with Zepp's squaller. The sound is unbelievably realistic.

Stone Creek manufactures top-of-the-line briar-proof clothing. The clothing is made out of specially made 420 denier nylon. It is the same material as Wick Outdoor Works used before they retired. This material has been field-tested and exceeding the expectations. Stone Creeks Line of clothing can handle the harshest of terrain. Stone Creek provides you a head to toe briar-proof clothing. Our top-selling briar-proof clothing is our Hunter Choice Chaps, Tuff and Dry Bibs, and our briar-proof coat. The chaps are 100% briar-proof and waterproof. High and Dry bibs are 100% briar-proof and are waterproof from the waist down. The jacket is a flannel-lined jacket with numerous pockets. It has a corduroy collar with snaps that a hood can be attached to if wanted. A product that goes well with our chaps is the chap and waders suspenders. The advantage of hooking the chaps to the suspenders versus your belt is when chaps are hooked the suspenders it does not pull on your belt. Suspenders give you more comfort on the log hunting days.

Medicines and first aid supplies are something you should always have on hand in case of an emergency. Emt gel is a must to always have in your truck while hunting. It is a sticky, sappy gel that you apply to a cut or scrap. Emt gel helps to stop bleeding and numbs the area. Emt gel also promotes faster healing on the wound. Wormers and flea care products are vital too. Adams flea spray kills fleas and ticks instantly. It is not a long-term flea and tick repellent, but it will kill any on your dog and repel them for few hours. Our top-selling wormer is our Panacur. Panacur gets kills and all worms except for tape and heartworms.

Stone Creek has everything you need for your coon hunting supplies. For those who are just getting started and those who have been hunting for years. If you need something we do not have in stock, we can probably get it in. Just give us a call. Happy Hunting!!!

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