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What Makes Stone Creek's Clothing So Durable

Stone Creek's clothing is made out of American-made special nylon. The nylon is 420 denier that has an extremely tight weave that prevents briars, brush, etc... from snagging or penetrating it. This tight weave also makes the rain bead up and runoff. Another feature of this material is that burdocks and hitchhikers will not stick to it, so no more picking off all those frustrating burrs. This material is the same exact material that Wick Outdoor Works used before they retired that some of you may remember. All of Stone Creek's zippers are LIFETIME WARRANTY. Besides using amazing materials, Stone Creek's dedication to manufacturing a quality product has and always will be our priority. When combining great materials with great quality workmanship is what makes Stone Creek Clothing outlast the rest. We take pride in fast and friendly customer service so any questions or issues please contact us we will be glad to help.

brown 420 denier nylon briar proof hunting jacket


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