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  • Made In USA
  • HS85 Germany Made French Snap
  • Waterproof and Smell Resistant
  • Feel-Like Leather Material
  • Stays Soft Until Below -20F
  • Solid Brass Snap In The Handle
  • Stationary Ring
  • Field Tested

This lead is made out of super heavyweight ½ inch beta. This lead is equipped with a German-made French snap. French snap is a quick release snap that is used by hunters and law enforcement officers. There is a solid brass snap in the handle. There is a stationary ring in the middle of the lead. This ring gives you many options. You can wrap the leash around a tree and snap it into the stationary ring so you can tie your dog up. Another feature is you can clip the bolt snap into the ring, giving you a shorter lead. So you have a 3 in 1 leash. You have a tree lead, long lead, or a shorter lead.

All Beta 3 in 1 Dog Lead With French Snap