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  • Made In USA
  • Waterproof and Smell Resistant Material
  • Solid Brass Snaps
  • Floating O Ring
  • Bright Colors Available
  • Durable

The leads are made out of ¾ in. dayglo. They have a 10 in. handle with a snap in it. The chain is 3.5mm, which has a snap attached to the end to secure your dog. There is a floating o ring on the dayglo and on the chain. The floating o ring on the dayglo is ideal for securing your dog to a tree, fence post, etc. The length of the lead is 5 ft. The floating o ring on the chain allows you to use the lead as a show lead. Various color choices are available. You have the option of 1 dog or 2 dog lead. Select all your options when ordering.

Camo Dayglo Dog Lead 3/4 in. Wide With Chain