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  • Briar Proof
  • Hi-Viz Fluorescent Orange 
  • Adjustable Straps For Comfort Fit
  • Made In USA


Stone Creek's dog vest, expertly crafted from the same 420 denier nylon that forms the foundation of our durable clothing line. This vest boasts unparalleled defense against briars,  hitchhikers and burrs do not stick to the vest either.This is a must-have for long-haired dogs that often find themselves entangled with these nuisances burrs in thier fur. The double-ply base of the vest is designed to take on the toughest briars without flinching. On the sides, a single-ply layer of fluorescent orange not only aids in maintaining your dog's coolness but also guarantees their visibility to fellow hunters, thanks to the vibrant color. The vest's top offers wide-open freedom, ensuring optimal ventilation to keep your four-legged companion comfortably cool during pursuits. Tailor the fit with ease using the adjustable nylon straps at the top of the vest.



For chest girth measurement, measure the thickest circumference around your dog's chest directly behind their front legs. See sizing chart for sizes. For best sizing results use chest girth as a good reference for correct sizing.


Any questions feel free to contact us we'd be glad to help.

Hi-Viz Briar Proof Dog Vest