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Herm Sprenger French Snap 3 in 1 Leash

This leash was designed by Stone Creek while out hunting with their beagles where numerous scenarios would arise when another leash would work better, so we developed a leash that works great for all scenarios. 

Dog leash made with herm sprenger french snaps

The leash is made of Beta which looks and feels like leather, it has a nylon webbing in the middle it is extremely durable and still soft on your hands. The overall length of the leash is 5 ft. long it has a 10 in. handle with a solid brass snap in the handle. Then about 2/3 of the way down the leash is a stationary O ring. Then on the end where you snap the dog to is a Herm Sprenger French snap. The French snap is a quick release snap it is the highest quality French snap you can get, they are imported directly from Germany. 

The reason it is called 3 in 1 leash is you have a 5 ft.  leash, a 3 ft. leash and a tree leash all in one. The 5 ft. leash is great for tracking or while walking the dog in open areas. To make a short  3 ft. leash all you need to do is snap the brass snap to O ring. The 3 ft.  leash is great when walking a dog through a crowd of people or when you are in the woods. The shorter leash keeps the dog close to you so it's not wrapping leash around other people or trees and brush. Now for the tree leash all you have to do is wrap the leash around a tree, fence post, picnic table leg, etc… then snap the brass snap to O ring which will allow you to tie up your dog. This leash is great for hunting dogs, to police dogs, and even pets. You will always have the right leash for any scenario.


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